About Us

Where We Began

Barr Soap was created by my wonderful mother-in-law, Sonja Barr of Nipawin, Sk.  Sonja was awarded Best Handmade Soap in Saskatchewan in 2009. We are using her recipes, as well as some new ones.

Product Testing

All of our recipes are tested on ourselves and family and friends before ever going to market.  This ensures that each Barr Soap product gives you the perfect experience, every time.

Above the Barr

At Barr Soap, we use natural ingredients and every product is made and packaged by hand. If we are not 100% pleased with the result, the product does not go out the door.

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We also have items available for purchase at 'Something Beautiful' (formerly Global Garage) at 307 Main Street,  Stonewall, Mb and 'The Mighty Kiwi' at 201 Manitoba Avenue in Selkirk, Mb.  You can find our products  in Winnipeg at Poco Inspired at 495 Madison Street (rear entrance).   

Barr Soap

Selkirk, Mb.

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